Python is a high-level and easy-to-learn programming language that is widely used in various fields of technology and programming. One fundamental feature that every developer uses is the ability to output formatted data. This involves displaying information to the users in an organized and professional manner. The process of output formatting enhances the readability of the program's output. This Python tutorial will cover an essential aspect of Python programming language, Output formatting. It will explore several ways of formatting output data in Python.

 Python Output Formatting

  • While displaying output to the user we might want to display it in a formatted manner.
  • In Python we can present the output in many ways.
  • Output can be printed to standard display output, written to files etc.
  • Output can be simply comma separated, separated by any character, tabular form or any other format as per requirement.
  • Output formatting is an important concept to make the output readable and presentable to the users.
  • There are many ways in which we can format output in python :

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